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It is important to understand the difference between a Course and a Class (also called Batch or Section) in Breeze. One course could have more than one Class in a given Academic Year. For e.g. Grade 5 could be a Course that has 60 students enrolled in it, and Class 5A, Class 5B, & Class 5C could be the classes that have these 60 students divided into 3 sections of 20 students each.

Some of the attributes / activities of a Class are :

  • Have a list of students
  • Have one Class Teacher
  • Usually have other teachers for different subjects
  • Have a Bell Schedule
  • Have a Timetable
  • Are a user group for communication purposes
  • Assessments are conducted as a group
  • Report cards are issued

More details can be found in the following sections.

Bell Schedules

A working school week that is divided into daily classroom sessions with possible breaks in between is referred to as a Bell Schedule. Breeze allows for an unlimited number of weekly Bell Schedules to satisfy the requirements of possibly an unlimited number of Courses that may work to different timings.

It is mandatory for every Class to be associated with a Bell Schedule, so there must be at least one default Bell Schedule for an institution.

To create a new Schedule, select Settings from the main menu select Bell Schedules. As seen in the image below, if there are any Schedules existing, they will be displayed.

To add a new Schedule, click on the 'Add Schedule' link on the top right of the screen. A dialog window (see image below) will come up where you will give the Schedule a name, choose whether this will be the default Schedule and select Create to save.

Bell Schedules

Once the name has been created, you can then click on the 'Add Item' link against this Schedule and you will see the following dialog window.

Bell Schedules

By filling in this form you could create a complete a week's Schedule in one go. Alternately, you could add the sessions in smaller lots. To do a week in one go you should :

  1. Select the days of the week
  2. Choose a name for the Class session or break
  3. Key in the start time and end time
  4. If it is a break, click on 'Break' to select it
  5. Click on Add More to add a new line
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until you have all the Classes /breaks covered
  7. Select Save Changes to complete the generation of the Bell Schedule

Note : It is normal for the system to take a while to generate a week's schedule. You can see a thin blue progress bar at the top of your screen, which will show you the status of the process.

If necessary, you could edit a particular Bell Schedule entry. You do this by just clicking on the period name. The editing window will look like the image below.

Bell Schedules

You can make the necessary changes and click on Save Changes. Editing can only be done one entry at a time. You could also delete this entry and create a fresh one or delete and entire Schedule and create a new one.

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