Breeze support

The pre-requisites to create a new class are the following :

Courses are created
Teachers are created
Bell Schedule is created
Academic Year and Terms are created

To view the list of existing classes for an Academic Year, or to create a new one, you have to select Settings from the main menu and then choose Academic Year and pick the one that you wish to work with. On the screen that comes up (seen below) you should click on Classes.

The list of existing classes will be listed and on the right is a Add New button that should be clicked to add a new class. A dialog window will be displayed for entry as shown below.

Classes / Batches

To fill in the form :

  • Fill in a suitable name for the class, preferably a short one such as 5A, 5B etc.
  • Select the appropriate Course which must already exist
  • Select the class teacher
  • Select the appropriate Bell Schedule
  • Select the appropriate Attendance Type - either Day or Sessions (Day - attendance taken once in a day. Sessions - attendance taken once every session/period)
  • Select the terms applicable
  • Ensure that the start date and end date are correct
  • Click on Create to add the new class

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