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If a Class has been created, Students added to it and the Timetable has been published, then attendance can be marked.

Attendance is of 2 types - Day attendance or Sessions attendance. When attendance is marked only once in a day, it is called Day attendance. When attendance is marked in every period (session), then it is known as Sessions attendance. The method of marking attendance is the same for both.

From the Classes option in the main menu, you select Attendance and a screen similar to the one below will be displayed. This example is the Day attendance category.

You mark attendance of a student by clicking on the + sign that appears in the right column. There are 3 options to choose from namely Present, Absent and Excused and they are colour coded. As in the case of Employee attendance, you only need to mark those who are Absent or Excused. You could, if you choose, add a note that will record, for example, an explanation for the student's absence or being excused.

Having marked those who are not present, you should click the Publish button at the bottom of the list. This will mark all the others as present.

On the same screen you could, if you wish, look at a month view, which shows the whole month as shown below.

Attendance data is taken into the reports automatically although you can choose whether to print/display this information on the reports.

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