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Marking Employee Attendance

Usually, it is the Site Administrator who has the access permissions to mark employee attendance, but he can authorize someone else to do this by enabling his/her permissions.

When an authorized person selects the Employees option in the menu, he/she will be able to click on the Attendance button at the top right of the screen as shown below.

On clicking the Attendance button, you will see the screen below.

The screen above shows that the user has just marked the first employee absent by clicking against his name on the relevant date and selected 'Absent' (Absent is coloured red). In this way you only have to mark those who are Absent or Excused. Having done that you should then click on the 'Publish' button that is at the bottom of the list. This will then mark everyone else 'Present' (Green colour).

Viewing Employee Attendance

Any employee can view his/her attendance as part of the profile. On selecting the Attendance option, a view, similar to the image below, will be displayed.

All present days will be marked in green, any events will be marked in orange and absent days will be marked in red.

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