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While the Site Administrator has complete access to the entire system, all other employees are restricted in their access to the data that is relevant to them. This is controlled by customizing the 'Permissions' that the Administrator gives to each employee. These permissions are set up in three levels namely, Roles, Menu Access and Module Access.

As mentioned earlier, there are five roles in Breeze as follows :

  1. Site Administrator
  2. Head Teacher
  3. Teaching Staff
  4. Non-Teaching Staff
  5. Accountant

Menu access will enable or disable access to options in the main menu. For e.g. only the Accountant will see the 'Accounting' option in the menu.

Module access goes down to a detailed level of securing access. By configuring the options here, an Administrator can control almost anything in the system that an employee can view or change.

Needless to say, the Administrator must take great care in configuring these permissions so that the institutions policy objectives are attained.

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