Breeze support

All users of the system are classified into two categories, namely Employees and Students. Breeze also describes 'roles' of employees as Site Administrator, Head Teacher, Section Head, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching staff and Accountant.

The following functions related to employees are available in the system :

  • Employee profiles
  • Departments
  • Employee attendance
  • Employee leave records
  • Teaching staff timetables

For details, see the following sections.

Leave Types

There are some related data that need to be in place before an employee can use the different features of the Breeze system. One such data is the type of Leaves taken by an employee. So you must ensure that Leave Types are created.

To create Leave Types, select Settings from the main menu, and in the General Settings screen that comes up, click on Leave.

If there are any Leave Types already created, they will be listed. If you need to add more, click on the 'Add New' button on the right of the screen. An 'Add New Leave Type' dialog window will come up.

Leave Types

Enter a name and a short code to identify the Leave type and click Create to save. Add as many as necessary for use in your institution.

Video Tips & Tricks

Short videos to help you get the most out of the Breeze.

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