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Designed to improve engagement between educators, parents and students, Breeze naturally makes provision for all concerned to access the system, but the information that they are allowed to access differs.

While students have access to their own profiles, their timetables, their grades and the school calendar etc., the parent/guardian will have access to similar information of all their children/wards. Each will be a member of their authorized groups for communications and will receive notifications, messages etc. that are relevant to them.

Staff are of different categories and their access will depend on their role in the institution. While Administrators will have complete access to the system, Teachers can see and work on the classes / subjects that are relevant to them. The Class Teacher's role will give him/her access to all areas of his/her class, while the Head Teacher / Coordinator will have greater access and can see information of all students and teachers in the section of the school that they are responsible for.  Accountants will have exclusive access to the fees and collections transactions.

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