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Hi and welcome to the Breeze School Management System. Breeze is a comprehensive system built with the sole focus of improving student outcomes. To that end, every feature has been built to develop the dynamic that exists between educators, parents and students.

In this manual you will find all the information you need to set up and use the system. We will cover accessing the system and logging in, the different types of users in the system, setting up general information about the school, courses offered, fees, bell schedules, grading systems, setting up staff, departments, the current academic year, terms, students, enrollments, guardians, accounting, movable assets inventory, syllabuses, lesson plans, badging, reporting features and communications between teachers, students and parents. By following the instructions found here, you should be able to get all your relevant data into the system and start experiencing the simplicity and efficiency of Breeze.

Breeze Features

The Breeze system has the following features :

  • Managing Student, Guardian & Staff details
    o A complete profile of students, guardians / parents & staff of the school.
  • Managing Courses offered, durations, fees
    o Details of courses offered by the institution with subject choices, academic years / terms, fees, event calendar etc.
  • Managing Classes
    o Classes & sections, bell schedules, class teachers & subject teachers, the classes / sections that they teach, timetables, attendance etc. are maintained.
  • Syllabuses & Lesson Plans
    o A library of syllabuses of all major Indian school boards forms an integral part of Breeze system. A facility to customize the syllabuses, break them down into lessons, schedule the lessons for the whole year/term and update and monitor progress of actual lessons completed, is also available.
  • Grades, Marks, Progress reports & Performance
    o A flexible grading system has been included along with an intuitive mechanism to easily enter appropriate comments for each student along with his grades/marks. The assessments and performance/progress reports include analysis that is graphical.
  • Managing Fees payments & Outstandings
    o A simplified method of maintaining fees due and remitted by each student. Notifications of due payments and statements of overdue fees are an essential part of this feature.
  • Badging
    o A rewards and incentives program that allows a school to create and allot different categories of badges which students can work for and collect in their profiles.
  • Inventory Management
    o A simple and functional feature to help you keep track of all movable assets in the institution.
  • Communications
    o One of the powerful features of the Breeze system is communications. Besides notifications and messages, a moderated group chat within groups is meant to create an atmosphere of transparency and effective communication that keeps students, parents or guardians and teachers in constant touch and well informed of all that goes on. Announcements to various groups can be sent either by email or SMS. A mobile app for Android and iPhone keeps smartphone users up to date with the latest happenings at their child's school.

You can read more about each of these features in this manual.

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