Breeze support

Breeze is based on the cloud and optimized for mobile devices. Which means that besides the standard PC or Mac desktop or laptop, the software can be accessed equally efficiently on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

To access the Breeze system you have to open a browser and key in the URL given to you, in the address bar. If you've got the URL right, you should be able to see the login screen, similar to the one below.

Logging in

To login, type in the Username and Password that you used when registering earlier and you will see the home screen.

Home Screen

What you see on this screen will depend on which user is logged in. Breeze currently has users such as Administrator, Section Head, Class Teacher, Teacher, Accountant, Guardian & Student. The options visible on this screen will slightly vary for the different users depending on the rights that the particular user has to different parts of the system.

The image above shows a typical login for an Administrator. On the left of the screen (1) are the navigation icons and clicking on them will take you to different areas of the system. On top (2) is the header which displays the currently selected academic year and icons to access the communications module, the badges section, messages, notifcations etc. and will also show on the right the user who is logged in. Some important statistical & analytical information that is relevant to the user logged in is shown in the centre (3) below the header and on the right (4) is the activity log which displays a brief description of all work done on the system.

Video Tips & Tricks

Short videos to help you get the most out of the Breeze.

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