Breeze support

In the mailbox of the email address that you have registered with the school, you will find an email from Breeze. Making sure that you are connected to the internet, click on the link with the text “Confirm invitation”. After a few seconds, you should see a Breeze login page with your first and last name and 3 lines below that need your input as follows:

    • Username:   Enter one of your choice without spaces
    • Password:   Password of your choice
    • Confirm Password:   Re-enter password entered above

Click on ‘Login'.


This will take you to the actual Breeze login page. To access, enter the credentials (username & password) that you just created.

If the credentials are entered correctly, you should see the Breeze home page.

Video Tips & Tricks

Short videos to help you get the most out of the Breeze.

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