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Going by the majority of institutions that Breeze caters to, the Courses are usually broken up into one or more Terms in an Academic Year. For any activity to take place there must be at least one active Academic Year.

To create an academic year, you have to go to the Settings area which is the last option in the main navigation menu. The screen could like the one shown below :

To add a new academic year, click on the 'Add New' button on the right top. The following dialog window will appear :

Enter a suitable title and pick the start and end date for the year. If this is going to be the current year, select 'This is our current academic year'.

For No. of Terms, you have the choice of 2, 3, or 4 terms.  On choosing one of these, the dialog window will expand to list the number chosen with default names for terms such as Term1, Term2 etc.   You can enter term names & codes of your choosing and also select from the calendar the starting and ending dates for each term.

Clicking on Create will add this new academic year with the details of terms entered.

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