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To set up courses that the institution is running, you have to click on 'Courses', one of the options in the 'Settings' page. Any courses that already exist will be listed on the right (as seen in the image below).


To add a new course, click on the 'Add New' button on the right. This will bring up the dialog window (shown below), and you could create a new course by giving it a title and code (preferably 3 characters or less), choosing an existing grading system and colour and clicking on Create.


It is useful to note here the difference between a Course and a Class (or Batch or Section) in Breeze. One course could have more than one Class/Batch/Section in a given Academic Year. For e.g. Grade 5 could be a Course that has 60 students enrolled in it, and Class 5A, Class 5B, & Class 5C could be the classes that have these 60 students divided into 3 sections of 20 students each.

Adding Subjects to a Course

A course can or may not have subjects associated with it. Some examples of courses without subject are Football, Swimming, Music etc.

By default, when a course is created, it does not allow subjects. When you select the Subject option, it will show you the following screen.


The highlighted section says "This course currently doesn't allow subjects. If you would like to add some, first activate subjects for this course". To activate subjects simply click on the words 'activate subjects' which is a clickable link, and the course will be activated for subjects.

Now you can add subject to the course. To do this you can click on either the 'Add New' link or the 'Add Existing' link on the right of the Subject screen (see image below)

Adding Subjects

If the subject you are adding has been created for another course, you should use the 'Add Existing' option and pick the required subject. If not, you could use the 'Add New' option and create a new subject.


When you create a new subject, besides naming it and giving it a short code, you also do the following :

  • Select a Grading System - more details about this in the Assessments/Report section
  • Select a Syllabus - more details about this in the Lesson Planner section
  • Choose whether this subject will appear on report cards
  • Choose whether this subject has electives - e.g. Second Language - where students pick a language of their choice.

As always, click on Create when done to add this subject to the course.

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