Breeze support

In this section we'll look in detail at the following settings which must be completed before the system can be
used :

  • Details of school name, address, contact information, weekend, etc.
  • Courses run by the school/institution
  • Academic Year & Terms
  • Calendar events, holidays etc.

General Details

Clicking on Settings in the main menu will bring up the screen shown below:

By default, the 'School' tab, which is the first one on the General Settings page, is open and the 'Overview' page is displayed. To enter or edit the School name you should select the 'Other Settings' option. Other related details such as country, time zone, currency, school logo and selection of weekend days should also be made here. This is where you also attach the school logo. There is an option here to choose whether students should be given access to the Lesson Plans.  If chosen, students and guardians will be able to see the progress of lessons in their respective classes.

Other Settings

The 'Contact Details' tab is the second option here. Details such as Email address, telephone number, a mobile number and the school address are to be entered here.

The third tab is named Accounting and it is here that you can choose the invoice and receipt prefixes and the starting numbers for these documents that will be generated in the Fees and Accounting area.

Accounting Defaults

Once these details are entered, you must click on the 'Save Changes' button to record the data.

Video Tips & Tricks

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