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Students have to be enrolled into Courses. Typically, in a school environment, a student is actively enrolled in only one class, but since even extra-curricular activities such as Football, Swimming etc. are treated as Courses, a student may be enrolled in more than one course at any given time.

To view the enrollment details of a student, you go to the Students option in the main menu and select Enrollments as shown in the image below.

Any existing enrollments will be listed. To add a new enrollment, click on the 'Add New' link on the right of the screen. A dialog window will come up as in the image below.


To fill in the above form :

  • Select the Academic Year
  • Select the Course
  • Choose date of Joining
  • Select the course fee (more detail regarding this can be found in the Accounting section)
  • Select deductions applicable (e.g. if there is a deduction for children of staff etc.)
  • Enter comments if any
  • Select the payment schedule (options usually linked to the course fee)

When done, click on create. The student is now enrolled in this course.

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