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Although Breeze uses the generic term Guardian, it is assumed that this is the parent, except in those cases where a parent is not available. Needless to say, a guardian is a mandatory requirement for every student. A guardian has a separate access to the system and will be able to login to see all information that pertains to his/her ward or wards. In the case where parents have more than one child in the school, they will be able to see all their childrens' details with one login.

To enter the guardian details, you should click on the name of the student in the student list that is displayed when you select the student icon in the main menu. A screen, like the example shown below, will be displayed.

If there are any guardians entered already, they will be listed. To add a new guardian you could choose between 'Add New' and 'Add From Existing'. The 'Add From Existing' option is used in the case where a sibling of this student is in the school and you have already created the parent for him/her. In this case you can just search and pick up the parent who's name exists in the database.

When you know that the parent's name does not exist, you can click on 'Add New' which will bring up the dialog window as shown below.


When you fill in the details and click on Create, a guardian is added to the student.

The details of what a guardian can see and do when he/she logs in to the system is detailed in a different section in this manual.

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