Breeze support

There is a students option in the main menu with a school bag icon. Selecting this will bring up a bar graph showing students enrolled in each course and below it is the complete list of students. A sample image is shown below.

To add a new student, click on the Add New button on the right. A dialog window with a few essential pieces of information will come up for you to fill, as shown below.

Student Profiles

Fill in the details and save by clicking on Create. Once this student is created, you can then open the profile of this student and fill in other details such as

  • Student category
  • Address details
  • Contact information
  • Medical information
  • Student's photo
  • Attach documents

Guardian details and Enrollment details will be explained in the next sections. Information regarding additional fees and payments received will be explained in the Accounting section.

Video Tips & Tricks

Short videos to help you get the most out of the Breeze.

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