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Welcome to the Breeze System.  In this session, I'll show how to view details of a class, its students, the timetable etc.  and also how marking of attendance is done.

To view details of a class,  select the Classes option on the main menu.  If you are logging in as a teacher, you will be able to see all the classes that you teach.

Clicking on the class name will take you into the class details.  The overview is displayed showing who the class teacher is, the names of all teachers who teach this class and so on.

Clicking on Students, will bring up the list of students in the class sorted in alphabetical order of first name.  To view the profile of a student, click on the student's name.  Courses that the student is enrolled in, the fees payment status, parents or guardian's details and attendance are some of the information that is available for viewing here.

Attendance can be marked for a class only by the class teacher.  Others can only view the information.  To mark attendance, you as the class teacher need only to mark those who are absent.  To do this, you click on the + sign against the students's name and select the 'Absent' option.  Once this is done for those who are absent,  go to the bottom of the list and click on publish.  You will notice that all the others will be marked present automatically.

The grading tab will contain all assessment details and will be dealt with separately in another session
The announcements tab will contain month-wise records of all notifications sent to this class.

I hope these instructions have been useful.  As always, if you face any difficulty in using the system, please contact Breeze support for assistance.

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