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Welcome to the Breeze System.  In this session, I'll show how to navigate or move around to access the different parts of the application.  

This black strip with blue icons is the main menu.  When you hover your mouse over these icons, you can see the text that tells you which area of the application you can go into when you click the icon.

On the bigger screens, as in PCs, laptops or even iPads, this menu is on the left, but on smaller screens such as tablets and smart phones, the menu will appear at the bottom.

Once you have selected one of these options, you are taken to the details area  for e.g. the classes option will show you the list of classes that you have access to.  You can then click on a class name to see the details of that class.  An overview of the class is visible and there is another menu here ... In this case the options are Students, Attendance and so on.

At any time you could directly select an option in the main menu to move to that area.  Or if you choose to return to where you were previously, you could use the breadcrumb navigation at the top left.

At the top right of your screen, this bell shaped icon shows you your notifications.  To go to the notifications page you should select the View all option at the bottom.

Similarly, this icon shows you your messages and takes you to the messages page.
This icon next to the messages icon will bring up the school calendar.

The rightmost button shows the user who is currently logged in,  and clicking on this will bring up some options such as your profile, etc.

At any point of time you can click on the logo here to return to the home page.

I hope these instructions have been useful.  As always, if you face any difficulty in using the system, please contact Breeze support for assistance.

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